Monday, 1 February 2016

TEST series for IAS preparation

A very important confusion among IAS aspirants is relating to tests.

Which test series is the best ?How many test series to take ?Are test series important ? How serious should I take the tests,etc.
Here are some of my views on tests.

5 reasons why tests are important-
  1. Tests help you to finish your syllabus on time.
  2. Tests help you in periodic assessment of your preparation.It helps in identification of your weakness in a particular area and work upon it .
  3. It gives you a comparative data of your competitors .Whether you like it or not ,at every level of the exam ,it is about doing better than your competitiors.Tests help you in identification of your performance with respect to your competitors.
  4. Tests help you in gaining confidence by projecting your strengths and in reducing the pressure in exam.
  5. Tests help in better time management.
5 Commonly committed mistakes when it comes to tests -
  1. Few students do not complete the test series .
  2. Taking many tests at a time. If you write three to four tests every week ,you will have lesser time for preparation.Overdoing anything is not advisable.
  3. Getting discouraged by bad performance. Always remember,the objective of tests is in improving your performance and not letting you down.
  4. Skipping a test if you are unprepared.I would suggest you to take the test in such cases.It will help you build confidence to face the tougher questions in the exam.
  5. Ignoring the "time factor" while taking up the tests .UPSC exams are more a test of time mamagement than knowledge .
All the very best !
Officers IAS Academy has also launched an online test series for prelims .And questions are set based on the UPSC standards.

For the mains test series ,evaluation,feedback and mentoring is provided at the academy .
If you are interested ,please join us here.
Check the website -

PS -This is a part of series of blogs on IAS preparation.

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