Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How to use PRS india for IAS preparation?

5 Steps process to use the website - PRSindia:

Step 1 -Click on Monthly Policy Review

Step 2 - Select the month

Step 3 - The pdf of a particular month opens up. From the index, select the important news articles.I suggest you to use this space for understanding important schemes,bills and acts, which are currently in news. And then directly move to that particular article.

Step 4 - For important bills, do click on the entire PRS summary and read it.

Step 5 - Read the complete analysis.

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How to use different Websites for IAS preparation ?


I suggest Mrunal to be used for
  • Toppers interviews 
  • Materials(NCERTS , past question papers and toppers notes)
The below image shows the opening page of mrunal.org It lists down every upload datewise.You may scroll down to see their updates.

When you click on the "Toppers" tab, You will find the below page. Click on any of the options to get the interviews of the toppers of a particular year.


I suggest this website for
  • Answer writing practice.
  • All India Radio (AIR) 9 pm news
This website will give you questions on current affairs everyday .It will help your newspaper reading and mains preparation.

You will find compilation of all AIR spotlight in one place. You may listen to them at your convenience. Click on the "AIR Radio/Rajya Sabha TV " tab and scroll down to find the compilation.


This website shall be used for finding out the highlights/analysis of any bill or act. Select the bill/act you want to read about,


I suggest this website for
  • Rajya Sabha Debates
  • Compilation of Yojana and Kurukshetra magazines
Unacademy - India's largest free learning platform:

Unacademy hosts a lot of video sessions for IAS preparation. I suggest this website for

  • Videos on conceptual clarity - Polity, Economy, Geography and other subjects.
Login with your facebook or google account and choose your subject and educator.

For current affairs:

I shall suggest a few names. You may follow each of them for a week . And decide one which is the best for you,

  • IASbaba
  • Mrunal
  • Insightsonindia
  • CivilsDaily (Mobile App)
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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Common mistakes while preparing for UPSC

1.     Depending only on offline material - In the era of internet, if you aren’t aware of the latest development on web related to ias preparation , you might feel left out in the race.

2.     Ignoring current affairs - Ira Singhal, AIR 1, 2014, has said in her interview that ignoring current affairs was the biggest mistake she committed during her preparation. Look at the previous question papers. Most of the questions in prelims and mains are centered around current affairs.

3.     Failing to revise - If you fail to revise, there is no use in preparation at all. You may read 24*7*365 days, but what you recollect on the eve of the exam determines your performance. Hence, reading without revision = NOT READING AT ALL.
            How to revise and how to make notes?

4.     Preparing without a plan - UPSC is marathon-like race. Without a proper study plan, monthly targets, periodic assessment, clearing it is impossible.

5.     Sourcing too many materials - Every day a new book is released in the market under the name "MUST READ FOR EVERY IAS ASPIRANT" / "SECRET TO TOP 2016" etc..Be wise. Be selective in buying materials.

6.     Preparing without looking into previous question papers - This is the biggest mistake in my view. Unless you have seen the pattern of questions asked in the previous years, you will not be able to guide your own preparation. It s just like starting on a journey without knowing about the destination! Result could only be an accident!

image (4).png

7.     No writing practice - Failing to write whiling preparing for mains, is a mistake which every candidate realizes after the results come out. For mains "writing practice" is the most important.

8.     Selecting on optional- Selecting a wrong optional is another commonly committed mistake.

Sincerely hoping none of you to commit the above,

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Friday, 7 October 2016

‘Anyone can crack civil services exam’

‘Anyone can crack civil services exam’: A number of myths surround the civil services and the UPSC examination. Some believe that only those having an excellent academic record can get into it while some think that it is easy for students