Sunday, 21 February 2016

IAS Interview - How to score 200+ marks ?

Hi friends ,

Did you know that only 5 out of 20 questions decide the score you get in an IAS interview ,held in Delhi ?

Rest of the 15 questions are just teasers to get the answers for those "5 crucial questions "

Now,it is time to know ,

  1. Which are the 5 crucial questions ?
  2. How will I get the crucial questions right ?
  3. How should I prepare myself to get a 200+ for the interview?
Get in touch with Israel Jebasingh ,a person who has scored 200+ in the interview ,not once but twice.

You can drop into the institute -Officers IAS Academy ,18th Main Road,Chennai with a prior appointment .
Office number  - 09677174226/044-65666222.

Our interview boards consist of members,who have been on the panel of UPSC in the past.

If you have cleared the Mains 2016, you can take up mock interview sessions free of cost ,at the institute .

For out-station students ,mock interviews and one-on-one discussion of DAF with IAS officer Israel Jebasingh can be arranged through Skype.

If you have further doubts/clarification ,please write to me at You can also make use of the comments section of the blog .

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  1. After clearing the main exam, IAS aspirants feel more confident than before. After that they really don't need inspirations; they are already inspired by themselves. This is because the percentage of qualified aspirants for the main exam is some single digit percentage of the students applied. So for the final round of interview which is the personal interview, they need enough skills to fathom the severity of questions interviewers normally ask. So a rigorous a practice is much needed for the final round of interview to crack IAS.
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