Monday, 1 February 2016

How to choose optional subject ?

Hi friends ,

Most aspirants have a doubt on how to choose optional subject . You will be taking up two papers of 250 marks each in your IAS Mains ,hence choosing the right optional is important .

 Usually a candidate chooses his optional considering one of the following factors :
  1. Take the same optional his room mate/friend/senior has taken.
  2. Try to find out which optional was given highest marks in previous years and take that.
  3. Depending on the goodwill of a particular coaching institute.
  4. Blind choice -Inky Pinky Ponky type!
I would suggest you to do the following things before choosing an optional subject
  1. Consider your interest in the subject.You might have to study the same subject for more than a year.
  2. Check if there is good material for the subject ,either in the market or any academy's notes
  3. Look into the syllabus of the optional and see if you are comfortable in understanding the questions atleast.
  4. Is there any teacher /person who can guide you with the particular subject?
Importance of Optional Subject

 Please look into the marksheets of few 2014 toppers .They have scored as much in 2 optional papers as all the 4 GS papers put together.

If you still have further queries,please let me know .I shall be glad to help you .
All the best!


  1. hi sir, i finished MBA, so i'm thinking to go for management as my optional, since i have studied. would you provide me some tips for management optional?

    1. I would suggest you to do the following three things :
      1.Look into the syllabus of Management optional.
      2.Look into the previous year question papers.
      3.Read few toppers blog on preparation of this optional.

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  2. Sir ,I am working as PO in Canara bank to start prepration for civils with job???