Monday, 1 February 2016

IAS Preparation -Tips and Motivation

Hi friends ,

Civil services preparation takes almost one full year of an individual's life .I have come across a lot of students who are not able to maintain their motivation,consistency or momentum during the preparation.

"UPSC is not a 100m race,its a marathon .Completing it is more important than quitting."

Some common demotivators
  1. Poor performance in tests
  2. Failures in previous attempts
  3. Reduced social life -Staying away from family functions /friends
  4. Monotonous preparation
  5. Long duration of classes and study

Remember ,the path to any heights is full of challenges.Hence ,I would suggest you to try these full tips.
  1. Find a mentor/teacher who can inspire you.
  2. Read few thoughts of any great leader.
  3. Once a while,take a break for a good lunch/dinner.
  4. Have a study circle -very importantly who are equally focussed .Each of them acts as a motivator to another .
Tips for consistency and momentum
"If you fail to plan ,you are planning to fail."
  1. Have a weekly schedule of what subjects you will study.
  2. Dont make an overambitious schedule.Try to make a schedule which you can fulfil.
  3. Fix monthly targets of which subjects and books you would finish.
  4. Enrol for any good test series .Here is why tests are important
  5. Most important -" EAT WELL ,SLEEP WELL." Spend qualitative time on studying.
PS -This is a part of series of blogs on IAS preparation.


  1. You have proper direction to IAS aspirants through your own experience's being a IAS officer. Really appreciable.

  2. I believe that those who have endured the pain already, they can be a great leader. And you're one of them. You know how the things work accurately. Only studying rigorously doesn't help anybody to crack IAS. There should be proper plan and statistics to qualify the exams and the interviews. Thanks for these valuable ideas. It will surely help the aspirants to get motivated and focus on their study.


  3. IAS preparation requires hard work and perseverance above all. When I was preparing for the exam, the center of learning was quite far from my place. I decided to take the risk and study online through platforms like . I think that might have changed a lot of things because I saved time in commute and learnt a lot through the tons of online resources. Keep at it without loosing faith guys and you will succeed.

  4. Amazing article!!
    I have been looking for this similar kind of information because i really wanted know about this examination and wanted to prepare for IAS examination and you have cleared my doubt about this exams so thanks a lot.Going to bookmark this for sure.

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