Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to read the budget for prelims in 2 hours ?

Hi friends ,

The Budget is an important source of document for IAS preparation. Every newspaper publishes in detail about the budget and various opinions are shared. If you read all of them, you might be preparing "budget" alone for one week.

How to read the budget for prelims ?

1.Download the highlights of the budget from here -
Its a 15 page document. Quickly glance through it.

2.If you come across any new scheme/plan - note down.

3. Identify the main objective of the scheme ,the ministry behind it and its special features.

4. Also, pay attention to new schemes being introduced.

5. Ignore numbers and facts.

For prelims ,such factual knowledge and conceptual clarity should be sufficient.Spend an average of 2 hours to finish the budget.

All the best !