Tuesday, 29 March 2016

CSAT – Things you shouldn’t do !

Hi friends ,

 Here are some common mistakes that a student commits during CSAT preparation,
  1. Devote 50% of Preparation time to CSAT. Remember CSAT is just  a qualifying paper. Whether you score 100 or 120 or 160 in CSAT , doesn’t matter .You still have to cross the cutoff set for the GS paper separately.
  2. No practice at all  . I agree that  most of the engineers and MBAs would have worked on aptitude in their college days. And CSAT is comparatively easier to CAT and GMAT. However ,I shall make a word of caution here .Never be overconfident .
  3. Ignore reading comprehension totally. The toughness levels of comprehension in UPSC papers has been increasing the last few years. Many students tend to skip this area for that reason. Do not commit this mistake, as it can cost you one attempt.
Some common mistakes committed during the exam,
  1.       Checking the answers of General Studies paper 1 in the lunch break between GS  and CSAT. What students fail to realise is it can raise/ lower your confidence before the afternoon exam. Hence ,I generally advise students tot take rest and not start checking answers.
  2.       Getting nervous if you are not able to answer the first few passages in the question paper. Remember, if you find them tough ,all of them will. So try to keep your calm and go to the next set of questions.
  3.      Trying to solve the tougher questions first. Remember ,it is not a challenge for you to solve  a particular question. Find the set of easiest questions and answer them first . You just have to score  66 marks to qualify.
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