Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Best magazines, websites and channels for IAS preparation

Hi friends ,

Most often  I have heard from students that they go online to search some content and then get lost into the ocean of internet .
In fact ,internet has become the biggest time stealer of IAS aspirants.

Hence , I decided to list down my suggestions of a few good websites ,magazines and channels for IAS preparation.

Best Newspaper for IAS preparation

The Hindu - In the experience of the last 5 years ,most of the questions in the prelims and mains have been triggered from 'The Hindu '. Hence ,I generally suggest students to read this newspaper.

Best Magazine for IAS preparation

YOJANA - 5 Reasons why Yojana is the best

  1. It is published by the Govt of India.It can give you data,facts,etc which is accepted by Govt.
  2. It has a balanced opinion -both pros and cons are given
  3. Many toppers in the last three years have mentioned Yojana as the best magazine. 
  4. It is very cheap -Rs.10 per magazine and also available free online.
  5. It covers a wide range of important topics like inclusive governance ,federalism ,international relations ,budget ,ect

5 best websites for IAS preparation

1. For Answer writing,Mains  -http://www.insightsonindia.com/secure-2015/

This website will  give you questions on current affairs everyday .It will help your newspaper reading and mains preparation.

2.For past question papers  -http://www.upsc.gov.in/

Go to past question papers tab and check them

3.For analysis of government acts/bills -http://www.prsindia.org/

4. For topper's interviews -http://mrunal.org/toppers#cse-2014

Best Channels for IAS preparation

1. Youtube  - Roman Saini's Unacademy
2. Rajya Sabha TV - The Big Picture ,Indias World .
3. Radio -News analysis at 9p.m
PS -This is a part of series of blogs on IAS preparation.

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Here is the list of blogs in this series so far -


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