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IAS Mains -How to prepare for General Studies Paper 2

Hi friends ,

How to prepare for GS paper 2 ?

GS paper 2 scares a lot of people ,because there is no comprehensive book on the entire syllabus .While it is true ,many coaching institutes have released a lot of material in the market.

A list of  5 main books/sources in my view, important for the preparation.

Basic NCERTs:

Other Suggested Books/Sources;

1. Indian Polity by laxmikant

2.Introduction to Constitution of India -by D.D.Basu

3.Reports of ARC -

Five ARC reports you shouldnt miss -

You will have to locate the topics from your syllabus and make bullet points for your revision.
( You can also use material available in the market /good notes from any institute )

4. For schemes and policies ,
  • Basic features of the scheme or policy  -  check
  • Analysis of  Acts/Bills and issues relatted to it  ,check
  • The Hindu
  • Also ,refer to the ministry webistes,if any new policy has been announced.

5.Electoral reforms and election related material

You should make your notes from here. Else,you can also use a good institute's notes on the topic.

6.For bilateral relations ,visit the website ministry of external affairs.

Also follow 'The Hindu'.

'The Hindu' is very important for preparation of GS Paper 2,since most of the questions are triggered from there (Experience from 2013 and 2014 papers)

Disclaimer -The list of sources is not exhaustive,because the paper is too dynamic.

If you have further doubts,please leave comments/feedback.

All the best !

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  1. what about CAG report? do we need to go through all of them?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You dont have to go through CAG reports in detail.
      Get the main crisp from newspapers.
      Also note -
      CAG reports can be a trigger to a particular question in the question paper or
      CAG reports can be used to substantiate your answer in the exam.