Monday, 2 November 2015

How to make notes from NCERTs ?

Hi friends ,

Reading NCERTs for IAS Preparation is the basic thing every aspirant does. Here are a few questions and tips regarding note making.

Question 1 -Is note making important ?

Answer – How will you revise everything that you study for a year one day before the exam ?Do you have such a good memory power that you will remember all important points and concepts ?
If your answer is no ,then the only remedy is
“Make short ,crisp notes with important words and phrases.”

Question 2 –What should I write in my notes ?Facts or names or diagrams or explanation ?

Answer – Your note making should be according to the subject and its requirement .
  • If you are making notes on jute industry ,then you have to write facts on its location ,factors of location ,present situation ,challenges and opportunities.

  • If you are making notes on a government scheme/policy ,then you have to take notes on the need of the policy  ,the approach of the policy ,its advantages and disadvantages.

  • If you are making notes on an event in history ,then you will have to write causes ,important events and results .
  • Wherever needed,use diagrams in your notes, so that you can use the same in your exam.
  • Take notes with  subheadings for better clarity and faster revision.
  • Understand what UPSC expects you know in each subject and then take notes.

Question 3 –I am a first timer . What does UPSC expect in each GS paper from the aspirant ? How will I  know ?

Answer – Subjects like Governance and World History are new to General Studies,but not to UPSC. They have been asking these questions in the optional papers .

So ,have a look at the optional papers to get an idea of what kind of questions can be expected in GS.
You  need not cover in depth ,because it is a GS paper.

If you are still doubtful ,please get in touch with a teacher or take up a test series with a renouned institute .So that you are confident of your preparation.

Question 4  - Should I make notes topic wise or bookwise ?

Answer -It is best to make notes topicwise. NCERTs of classes 6,7,8 – all might have information on resources of India .So ,you shouldn’t make notes book wise .


  1. Ive been waiting for this! Thank u sir!

  2. Thanks a ton sir :) much needed article made me realize my mistake on note making will correct myself now onwards.. Sir please guide us for the optional Public Administration. Before coming for the test series how one has to adapt to the subject

    1. Hi Amit ,
      Optional preparation will be taken up as the content ,in forthcoming blogs.Please excuse the delay till then.
      Keep following the blog .

  3. sir if u can help me one doubt,sir there is lot of information of all about everything,and they say follow this or that at other point someone is saying you success path will be different please resolve my confusion

  4. my name is anjali tiwari, i have fear to follow my strategy

    1. Hi Anjali,
      Please remember "There is no "only way " to achieve success. Different people follow different strategies . Through this blog ,I am sharing my experience out of UPSC preparation and meeting students .
      Whichever method you follow,believe that it will take you to success.
      Have conviction in your efforts and strategy .
      If you are still doubtful ,meet a teacher you believe and follow his /her advice.Conviction in your hardwork is important for success.

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  6. Respected sir,
    I failed to clear the civil services examination in preliminary stage itself, I got depressed. Please guide me in a proper way, please support me, with some financial aid for my preparation.
    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Suresh ,
      Drop me a mail to
      I shall try to see what i can do from my side.If not financially, I can guide you through my experience.

    2. Sir, i need to ask 2-3 queries. How should i contact you?

    3. You can drop me a mail to

  7. Sir is it advisible to prepare for upsc cse 2017 from 1st feb or should I go for 2017?

    1. Start your preparation right away.
      Those who start earlier are always at an advantage.

  8. Sir, How to improve our writing skills ? I'm weak in representation of my answer as well as in vocabulary..What should I do ?