Thursday, 8 October 2015

IAS Mains- Strategy to become a topper

Hi friends ,

When you prepare for mains ,your target should be to score maximum marks with the optimum preparation. And to score maximum marks ,you should understand which areas to focus .

Mains exam contains:(each of 250 marks)

1 Essay paper
4 General Studies Paper
2 Optional Paper.

At the face of it ,it might look like GS preparation will help you score more marks. Hence,many students start GS preparation first and try to complete it . However ,the syllabus is so vast that they never feel they have completed.

However ,I would suggest you to start and complete your optional paper preparation first. Please look into the marksheets of few 2014 toppers .They have scored as much in 2 optional papers as all the 4 GS papers put together.

Also,dont take the essay paper lightly and just face it on the day of exams .Look how the toppers essay scores have helped them in scoring really well. Practise atleast 5 essays and get them evaluated.

This does not mean you should not focus on GS. I am just asking you to keep the weightage of scoring in mind  ,to use your time judiciously.

So here is the message in brief -
Consolidate your optional preparation first,
Practise essays to score more than the average ,
And keep doing your General Studies side by side .

Good luck !
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  1. Sir Please provide us how to approach for Public Administration through self study and also about the right resources to be followed

  2. Hi Ankith ,
    I shall provide the details in the upcoming blogs .
    Please keep a watch on the blogs .
    All the best !

  3. Hi...Sir...Please provide strategy for do.more effectively...bcz...I came to know that...The Competition for Geography is too high.than remaining ans would be compare with all other get more score...We have to do differently and effectively

    1. Hi Suneel ,
      Competition is always high .However ,if you get two things right,you neednt worry about competition.
      1.Better preparation and revision
      2.Better answer writing

      On preparation,I will write a blog soon.However ,on answer writing you shall check out this blog .You may find it helpful.
      All the best !

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  5. sir, I am choosing optionals are like political science and psychology.. it is good choosing or not ...
    I need your guidance for preferring optional..

    1. Hi ,my nest blog is on how to choose an optional.Please keep following the blog .

  6. sir feeling very low, basics are still not covered, so much in news, so much sites, confusion all around ,please help

    1. Hi ,
      Every aspirant goes through this phase at some point of time .I will say only one thing -
      "Never lose hope .Keep working towards your end goal ."
      Cover your basic subjects first .
      For current affairs ,please follow any good current affairs material .You can also attend the current affairs analysis classes at the academy .
      And as far as the sites on internet is concerned, please refer to this blog -

  7. Respected sir,
    I would like to ask you one question with your permission, May I know the reason why you have resigned for the IAS....

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Suresh,
      I resigned because my mom was a cancer patient and I had to be with her, for last few years of her life. At that point of time after resigning, I didn't open Officers IAS Academy. I resigned and joined a company to implement Dr.Abdul Kalam's PURA project so that my stay at my hometown Chennai was ensured. Once the project got over, I decided to open Officers IAS Academy because teaching is the only job I thought I can do confidently. Before I qualified for IAS, I was a teacher for 3 years in a local college in Chennai. That was the main reason for opening Officers IAS Academy. So many students from across India come here to Officers IAS Academy not because an IAS officer is teaching, but because they consider me a good teacher. I always feel there are so many ways to contribute to our nation. A jawan guarding the border does much more service than an IAS is my humble personal opinion. I am a teacher and I am proud of being a

    2. Awesome sir. Thank you for your valuable guidance which is very much in sync with the needs of an aspirant.

  8. Explained very clearly about mains preparation... Thanks a lot sir...

  9. Explained very clearly about mains preparation... Thanks a lot sir...

  10. Respected Sir,
    I am highly feeling great about your opinion regarding service of nation in any way to help the society and people of this country.
    While I read your one of article regarding resignation from IAS it's not a easy to come out from our comfort zone(resignation from IAS) and give a massage to society that live your Dream.
    Highly Inspired by You.
    Thank You so much.

    Your Truly
    Ashish Singh
    IAS Aspiration

  11. Respected Sir,
    I am choosing my optional as chemistry for both papers hence would appreciate if you could tell me where i could get guidance for writing my mains answers.

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  13. Sir, I live @Mittanamalli (AF Avadi). Due to my hectic job schedule I cannot join ur institute even on weekend. Sometimes I get only Sunday. Plz guide me how can i get ur valuable support. 2017 is my aim. Pub ad is my optional. Thanks sir.

  14. Thank You So Much Sir, This presentation was really an eye opener for me.

  15. Sir,I'm in class 11.I want to become an IAS.please tell me ..How can I prepare for IAS exams from class 11?