Thursday, 15 October 2015

IAS Mains - how to prepare for GS paper 3 ?

Hi friends ,

Lets now discuss how to prepare General Studies Paper 3 for mains .

Some guidelines before you start your preparation:
1. Keep the syllabus in front of you.
2.Decide which books/notes you will follow.Stick to the same material till the end of the exam.
3. Look into the past question papers to understand how questions have been asked.
Check the analysis of previous year question papers -2013&2014 before you read the blog further -
4.Make your own notes accordingly. Notes should be such that they contain important key words/phrases .You should be able to revise the notes before the exam.

Reference material/books 
For Basics -
1. Economic Development

Economic development

( Questions  in 2013 were direct,but in 2014 ,most of them were from current affairs .So you need to follow current affairs properly)
If you are a first timer,you might find it difficult to interpret the Budget and Survey.
I would suggest you to read any material,Yojana or others,  presenting an analysis of the budget and survey .

Here is a list of topics covered by Yojana in 2015

Jan 2015 -Sanitation

Feb 2015 -Federalism and Indian polity

Mar 2015 -Budget

Apr 2015 -Manufacturing Sector

May 2015 -Tourism

June 2015 -Alternative Medicine

July 2015 -International Relations

Aug 2015 -Inclusive growth and social Change

Sep 2015 -
Technology,Innovation and Knowledge Economy

Oct 2015 -Skilled India

Nov 2015 -Transport sector

Pick relevant article to read,according to the syllabus.
The Hindu
India Year Book ( for India’s achivements in S&T)

The reference links will take you to full reports .You  should be able to consolidate the important points into notes.
Else ,you can buy /xerox any good material from an IAS institute and use for your preparation.
Disaster Management
The reference links are to reports .You  should be able to consolidate the important points into notes.
Else ,you can buy /xerox any good material from an IAS institute and use for your prepparation.
Environment and Biodiversity
  • The Hindu
  • Ministry of environment,Forest and Climate Change (Website and on PIB)

Here is my message in brief -
Select your material,
Consolidate them into notes.
Revise ! Revise ! Revise!

And yes ,take up mock tests to monitor your preparation and performance.

All the best !
This is a part of series of blogs on IAS preparation-simplified like never before !

Here is the list of blogs in this series so far -


  1. Thank You very much Sir it is immensely great help :)
    Sir Please provide us how to approach for Public Administration through self study and also about the right resources to be followed

  2. sir, could you please upload the books to read for gs paper 2?

    1. It is uploaded on the blog now .Please do check .Hope you find it useful .

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  4. It is immensely helpful sir. I am a beginner. It will help if you can explain the background of the questions e.g. the particular question was asked because of this issue in that year type. But thank you very much for every small thing.

  5. Irfan ,thank you for the suggestion . It is a great idea. Do keep following my blog . I will write such content in my future blogs.

  6. Excellent blog sir, its very succinct. Just what i needed!

  7. Namaste sir...FOA...I wld like to appreciate you for your priceless service...& keep it on..Actually...I need ur help sir...I am from andhra & self preparing & 2016- Aspirant...I want ur guidence sir...I have started my prep just 1 month back...and think...have brief knowledge on go through depth...I amean in confusion from where to start...and when to give for test series...and Answer main problem...can you please guide me...Sir...??...waiting for your valuable suggestions...and do I need to join in any coaching inst?..and...mainly structure of preparation to complete it in which sub...I have to start that.Thank you.....

  8. Hi Aspirant ,
    My blogs are an effort to guide students who are preparing from scratch. Have you checked all the blogs in order ?
    If no,please do check them one by one .
    If yes, then please write me a mail ,asking your doubts .
    I shall be more than happy to clarify them.
    Here is my mail id

  9. Thank you very much...Sir....I have checked all the blogs...and so much content worthy...Good job...yup...I will contact you soon sir...Tyvm

  10. hie sir my name is aravind.iam confused which material suitadle for ias mains exams please tell me genaral studies 1,2,3,4 please tell me sir.

    1. HI please check all the blogs on GS Mains preparation.Hope it helps you.

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  12. need guidance for punjabi literature optional.please out with strategy and sources.

  13. Hello sir,It's Very helpful Thank you sir.

  14. good support for self preparation thank you

  15. problem in deciding optional? if you help me it would be so good. Interested in psychology