Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Common mistakes committed during Interview preparation

Hi friends,
The interview is the third and final leg of UPSC exam. The total marks allotted to interview are 275, however, it plays a crucial role in determining the service you get .Hence ,interview preparation should be done cautiously.Your interview preparation should start in the month of January ,a month after writing the mains .
6 Common mistakes committed during the interview preparation:
  1. Wait for the Mains results and then decide to prepare for the interview .
  2. Spend most of the time only on reading and trying to know all under the sun .Please remember ,the  knowledge of the candidate has already been tested in the Mains Exam. The final test is "ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY AND NOT KNOWLEDGE ." Hence ,gathering information alone wont suffice.
  3. Taking a regional/religious stand (hard core ) in the interview .The requirements of UPSC are to select a candidate who is balanced and neutral.
  4. Trying to focus too much on language skills .UPSC expects a person who is balanced,neutral,empathetic and adheres to constitutional values .As long as you can communicate it to them ,language is not a problem.
  5. Trying to fake or lie to the interview board .
  6. Not preparing for the interview.This is the biggest mistake candidates commit,considering it is just out of 275 marks and Mains were for 1750 marks .To become a topper ,the interview marks are very crucial.
Source for asking questions in the interview board:
  1. Current Affairs
  2. DAF
For further guidance through telephone or  mail , please drop me  a mail to jebasingh.israel@gmail.com
I will be more than happy to help you in your preparation,so that you get the best marks and your name appears on the final list.


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