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UPSC Mains 2015 -General Studies Paper 1 Analysis

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Here is an analysis of UPSC Mains 2015 - General Studies paper 1 .

Total questions
Total marks
World History
Indian History

General Observations about the Question Paper
  1. 2014 has 25 questions.2015 paper had 20 questions.
  2. Increase in the number of questions from Indian Soiety.
  3. Decline in the number of questions from culture and World History.
  4. Continued emphasis on women -1 question like last two years.
Although General Studies paper 1 contains conventional subjects ,around 50% of the paper was triggered by Current Affairs /The Hindu.

Here is an understanding of how -

1. 2015 - Celebration of 125th Birth Anniversary of BR Ambedkar and a resolution was passed in Parliament on the Constitution.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, despite having divergent approaches and strategies, had a common goal of amelioration of the downtrodden. Elucidate.
  2. It would have been difficult for the Constituent Assembly to complete its historic task of drafting the Constitution for Independent India in just three years but for the experience gained with the Government of India Act, 1935. Discuss.
2. 8500 letters received by Mahatma Gandhi

  1. How different would have been the achievement of Indian independence without Mahatma Gandhi? Discuss.
3.100 years of World War 1 ,1914-2014

  1. To what extent can Germany be held responsible for causing the two World Wars? Discuss critically
4.Higher sex ratio among tribal groups compared to SCs,revealed by Census.

  1. How do you explain the statistics that show that the sex ratio in Tribes in India is more favourable to women than the sex ratio among Scheduled Castes?
5.Union Cabinet approves Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission to drive smart villages.

  1. Discuss the changes in the trends of labour migration within and outside India in the last four decades.
  2. Smart cities in India cannot sustain without smart villages. Discuss this statement in the backdrop of rural urban integration
6.Air pollution in Delhi ,highly mentioned in news.
  1. Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata are the three mega cities of the country but the air pollution is much more serious problem in Delhi as compared to the other two. Why is this so?
7.Ocean warming and Monsoons

  1. How far do you agree that the behavior of the Indian monsoon has been changing due to humanizing landscapes? Discuss.
8.2015-Year of ElNino -leading to heavy rainfall in South india.

  1. Explain the factors responsible for the origin of ocean currents. How do they influence regional climates, fishing and navigation?
9.A report published in May 2015,that India will become water scarce by 2025.

  1. India is well endowed with fresh water resources. Critically examine why it still suffers from water scarcity.
10.Discovery of Oil in arctic

  1. What are the economic significances of discovery of oil in Arctic Sea and its possible environmental consequences?
11.125th Birth Anniversary of Ambedkar(Championed the cause of dalits)
Murder of two dalit children in Faridabad and controversy over General VK Singh's comment.
  1. Debate the issue of whether and how contemporary movements for assertion of Dalit identity work towards annihilation of caste.

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